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Message: The tree is our lungs for the Earth, its branches reach high upward toward the heaven's to bring back messages of wisdom for our community to honour and to respect the universal laws of nature. As Above - So Below. The tree provides shelter to many animals and also below the trunk roots grow to form hollows and burrow's to create homes for the wildlife. The sacred heart in the Buddha Bodhi Tree of Life symbolizes to love and nurture Mother Earth! The tree trunk contains 8 chakra portholes of light and the 9th The Angelic Realm for Peace, Balance and Harmony. The rainbow light is powerful for inner wellness to maintain the body chakra's found in mankind. Light is a vibration and mankind is also a light being. Meditation to open up to a divine awareness to Save our Planet!

***Giclee Reproduction Art Prints can be placed on 320gsm Sihl Masterclass Cotton Textured Paper or on 100% Cotton Rag Canvas.

The Sacred Heart Buddha Bodhi Tree of Life - Reprod. Giclee Art Print On Canvas

  • Reproduction Giclee Art Prints on Canvas will be sent in an Art Tube.

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