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Psychic & Corporate Readings

The world is starting to reflect on other information that can be used by executives who can help a business along the way. Managers or nervous workers are seeking advice on everything from business strategy to creating a perfect job.

Healing Art Design is launching a programme for "Corporate Psychic Readings and Consulting with Healing Colour Templates for Interior Work Places".

Even traditional consulting firms are seeking the 'Psychic Perspective'. Analysts will ask for input while preparing reports for their clients, it's another way of knowing and sensing into the now, says Sylvia Meissner - who specialises in Corporate and Personal readings.

Her background also as an International Artist and a business pioneer, has launched and promoted her own Art Exhibitions in famous landmark buildings around the World, has an understanding of business dynamics that is critical for success.

To book a Psychic Corporate Consultation please contact us via

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