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Message: A channeled piece of art work moving into - 'Light Language" from the Pleiades Star Cluster - for our Earth to save the Amazon Rainforest and to hold the code history of protecting the seeds of all plants from this ecosystem of life. Step into this gateway through visualization and use your mind to interpret the knowledge of the tree's for wisdom and understanding. Amen.

***Giclee Reproduction Art Prints can be placed on 320gsm Sihl Masterclass Cotton Textured Paper or on 100% Cotton Rag Canvas.

***This artwork DOES NOT contain Swarovski® 100% Branded Crystals. (Photo is an example only)

Star Seedlings of The Amazon Rainforest - Reproduction Giclee Art Print

  • Reproduction Giclee Art Prints on Canvas will be sent in an Art Tube.

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