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Message: A powerful healing mandala to protect the waterways and oceans of the World. An activation code of light language that originated from the ancient knowledge from The Age of Aquarius. A viking energy that supports the sea ecosystem of life. The art work refers to a large marine creature, that looks like a UFO jelly fish, that has a level of heightened perception of intelligence that mankind is beyond reach to understand!

PLEASE NOTE: DO NOT add any Original Art Work products to Cart.

Please see 'PURCHASE TERMS AND CONDITIONS' on this page for further details.

***Oil, Acrylic & Swarovski® 100% Branded Crystals on canvas.


Ocean Stargate VII - Oil, Acrylic & Swarovski® 100% Crystals on Canvas

  • For any enquiries regarding the purchase of an Original Art Work, please contact us directly via email:



    We will require the following details:

    • Original Art Work Name, Size and Price
    • Full Name Of Purchaser/Company
    • Purchaser/Company Address
    • Delivery Address
    • Business Phone Number
    • Mobile or Cell Phone Number
    • Email Address


    We will provide you with a quote for shipment (Door to Door Delivery), which will include professional packing and insurance for the Original Art Work, whilst in transit, in case of any damage or loss.


    Other taxes may apply outside of Australia which is the purchaser’s responsibility.


    Full Payment is required for the purchase of any Original Art Work, including the shipment costs, prior to delivery. 


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