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Message: A healing mandala that has been channeled to activate The Heart Chakra of Humanity. The Sakura Flower Blossom is fairy magic to uplift the hearts of those in need. Beautiful healing colours of magenta, pinks from the angelic world, fluro colours of hot orange and red corals signify passion, green shades for peace, relaxation and being with nature. Swarovski crystals to provide prismatic - 'Light of Sparkle and Cosmic Light'.

***Giclee Reproduction Art Prints can be placed on 320gsm Sihl Masterclass Cotton Textured Paper or on 100% Cotton Rag Canvas.

***This artwork DOES NOT contain Swarovski® 100% Branded Crystals. (Photo is an example only)

The Sakura Flower Blossom Healing Mandala - Reproduction Giclee Art Print

  • Reproduction Giclee Art Prints on Canvas will be sent in an Art Tube.

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